Dogs, Cats and Other House Pets

Service Area - Currently my main service areas are Willow Glen, Santa Clara, Los Gatos, Campbell, and Almaden. I can also provide service to Milpitas South of Calaveras road and North East San Jose on a one visit per day basis. Services sometimes can be provided to other areas at a higher rate.

Initial Booking/Consultation - 30-90 minutes
At this visit we meet you and your pet, complete the necessary paperwork, answer questions, transfer keys, and tour your home while discussing detailed instructions on how to care for your pets. This required meeting will be scheduled at least 48 hours prior to service.

Regular Visit - Minimum 25-30 minutes
Our most popular choice. Good for many multiple pet homes, supervised feedings, walks, and play. Most dogs will require 2-4 Regular Visits per day. Cats are best with 1 visit per day. Driving distance will increase cost.

Dog Walking
Thirty minute walks or runs. 10% discount for 3 or more per week.

Drop In - 5 minutes or less
Short drop in to transfer keys (pick up or drop off), or check on those items you forgot on your way out of town (i.e. check iron/stove, turn off sprinkler system, close windows, etc.).

For small or elderly dogs only that cannot be left alone overnight. Your pet must visit in advance to insure that it will fit in with my household.

Day Care
Playday at my home while you are at work or away. Your pet must visit in advance to insure that it will fit in with my household.


Service Area - At this time I only provide services for horses at the stables where my horse resides.

Turnout - Minimum 15 minutes
Your horse is turned out as per your instructions. Turnout includes feeding if feed is provided.

Lunging - Minimum 15 minutes
Your horse is lunged per your instructions. Lunging includes feeding of feed is provided.

One feeding per day with feed that you provide.

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